Henriëlle van den Dragt is a bright and inquisitive wood artist from The Netherlands. She started making wooden objects under her art label Woodtique in her late twenties after pursuing a corporate career for eight years.

Being the daughter of a carpenter, wood has always been a present subject in the artists life. Born and raised at The Veluwe, a dutch region that is well known for its incredible nature and beautiful woods, her love for nature rooted deep in her system. After living in the city of Utrecht for eight years, she quit her corporate banking job in 2021 and moved back to The Veluwe. Her studio is also based there.

When in july 2021 she quit her job, she uncovered her creative vision and curious mind by making wooden objects and found a clear mission in using solely waste wood as her main material. Therefore her work is part of a bigger conversation about how we value our resources and privileges. Henriëlle: “Woodtique as an art project is a proof of concept that there’s beauty, power and opportunity in starting with what is already there.”

Henriëlle uses geometric and organic shapes, patterns and connections to create objects that typically hold the attention of the viewer. She constructs her pieces intuitively and uses the woods contrast, grain and color to translate emotions and feelings into the work. She’s inspired by natural elements and patterns, minimalism and architectural composition.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

3 & 4 December / Gent, Belgium / Shakespeare Group exhibition

Previous Exhibitions:

19 – 27 March 2022 / Antwerp / Kasteel Rivierenhof, ‘Pavonis Superbus’ Exhibition
25-28 Augustus 2022 / Amsterdam, De Hallen Stadio’s / NOCK NOCK ART FAIR
April – October 2022 / Amsterdam / Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, ‘Zoom’ Exhibition
30 sept & 1,2 October / Amsterdam, Westergasfabriek / EuropArtFair 2022

Get in touch: hello@woodtique.nl