Commissioned & custom work (Registration is closed)

Commissioned & custom work (Registration is closed)

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I take on commissioned and custom work at the end of every quarter. I work with limited spots to make sure I have enough headspace and time to work on my collections and personal work as well.

Registration for Q2 is closed. Registration for Q3 spots will open on June 6th.
Subscribers of my mailing list will get early acces.

What’s the difference between Custom & Commissioned work?

In short customizing a piece means I’ll personalize an existing design for you. A commissioned piece means I’ll design a whole new original piece just for you.

Custom options: I select 2-3 existing pieces that you can choose to customize in color and in size. The designs that are available for custom options, change every quarter. Check out the pieces that are currently selected for customizing below.
Commissioned work: A commissioned work is a piece I create from scratch just for you. We take the time to discuss your story, your wishes and your preferences. We can take a look at you interior and I’ll design something that will blend in and stand out at the same time.

Please read the information below to make sure your request for a custom or commissioned work is done correctly

When registration opens, you fill out a the request form and you will hear back from me within a week. Subscribers of my mailing list get early access for the first 12 hours.

Submitting the form is not the same as placing the order. After requesting a custom or commissioned work, we will be in touch to discuss details and I’ll send you an offer you can either accept or decline. When you accept the quotation, your order will be final. I will take on the requests in order of arrival, so it’s first come, first serve.

I selected ‘To Hold” and “Holding Us” for customizing in Q2.

The ‘To Hold’ pieces were a limited edition of just 10 that I made for the occasion of my appearance on the dutch tv-show VTwonen Weer Verliefd op je Huis. You can adjust ‘To Hold’ in size, color and wood type. It’s not possible to order a 100% copy of the original. If requested sizing and color are the same as the original, I will make slight changes in the design to make sure the pieces stay unique. The design is representing the feeling of partnership: “I’ll promise to hold if you promise to not let go”

‘Holding Us’ is about connection. The design represents connections of any type: between families, in dna, in partnerships and between different worlds. You can adjust the design in size, color and wood type.

For commissioned work it depends on the size of the piece and your preferences.
The customizable pieces I selected for Q2 start around € 995,-

Size custom work: Sizes for the two selected custom pieces are totally up to you, but both pieces need a minimum height of 40-50 cm and a minimum width of 100cm for a strong compostition.
Size Commissioned work: This is you choice entirely! We can discuss what is the best fit for you. Please note I won’t take on commissions that are smaller than 50 x 50 cm
Color options: A lot is possible, but the default options are Natural Oak, Wengé (stained) or White Wood/Pine. Don’t hesitate to ask me for any additional color choices. We can find something that blends best in your interior.

Usually between 10-12 weeks.